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What’s Going on With My “JtheLinuxGuy” Youtube Channel?

I posted a video today on my Youtube channel talking about why I haven’t posted any new videos on my “JtheLinuxGuy” channel. I’m sure many are wondering why it’s been so long. For those of you that have watched my VLOG videos, you probably already know. But in case you haven’t seen that, I thought I would post here too in case you’d rather read than hear me talk about it.

First of all, is my channel dead? No, I’m not abandoning making Linux videos. But my channel is currently in hiatus. The reason for this (as I’ve discussed before) is the fact that I acquired a book deal, to write about Linux Mint. It’s a fun experience but it is time consuming, and with having a day job as well as being in college, I can only really handle a single side project. So, I had to drop under the radar to finish my book. The book, “Linux Mint Essentials,” is done and I am now going through the rewrite phase. I should be done with the project by the end of May.

So, when am I going to return to Youtube? I’m currently planning on returning to Youtube sometime in June or July. By then, not only will the book be published, but I’ll also have had some time to redo my recording setup. Don’t expect anything majorly different, but I at least want to try to figure out a norm in terms of quality to shoot for. I totally suck at making videos and editing them, so hopefully I can use the gap in between the end of my book project and June or July to research this a bit. In the meantime, I am planning on releasing a day-one review of Ubuntu 14.04 to test the waters until my full return.

There’s going to be some changes. First, there are going to be fewer reviews. I definitely enjoy reviewing distributions, but the amount of work that goes into making reviews is extremely tiring and frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love making reviews. But what I don’t love is the preparation that I have to do before I get started. With just about every review I’ve done, it took between 1-3 hours of fighting with the desktop recording software. The fact is, desktop recording software in Linux is absolutely terrible. The best ones work only 75% of the time. The rest are either abandoned or of mixed quality. Even with gtk-recordmydesktop, I run into the issue where one out of five recordings are missing the audio. (Imagine the obscenities I shout in my lab when I think I’m recording a perfect video, only to realize I can’t use the recording at all and have to start over!)

To better put this in perspective, think about it this way. The process has been that I would wipe my test machine, install the distribution I’m reviewing, check it out for a while, and then figure out how to get desktop recording working on THAT distribution. Each distribution handles this differently, some better than others, and all need specific settings in order to record the desktop. Thus, I spend 1-3 hours preparing for a review that may only be 10-15 minutes long.

So, I’m going to do it differently. From now on, I’ll get screen recording working on one of my machines, and then I’ll review distributions installed within a virtual machine. Trust me, I hate the idea of checking out a distro in a VM for a review (it’s not┬áthe same thing as installing on actual hardware) but it will allow me to work more efficiently. Besides, what are the chances that you have the same hardware as me anyway? And I also can’t test a distro on all the makes and models of computers out there, so to me there would be no gain with installing on actual hardware. Doing it this way means I won’t have to deal with several hours of testing the recording, though I’ll probably still have to deal with videos being corrupted sometimes, causing me to start over. But hopefully recording software improves on Linux. If I were a developer, I would love to try to fix it myself!

New focus on tutorials. While I’ll still do reviews, I’ll focus on the reviews that people ask for. In regards to tutorials, I’m excited to make more of them. I probably won’t upload individual tutorial videos at a time, but probably entire series as a bulk several times a year. The next tutorial series is yet another beginners series, which I know will disappoint some of you. However, after this next one, I’ll be able to focus on intermediate stuff, and then advanced stuff. Eventually I’ll be able to teach beginners all the way up to admin level, but it’s all about getting there.

Full production on my videos will begin June or July. I’m looking forward to creating more reviews and tutorials for you guys!

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