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Fixing Ubuntu 18.04 Virtual Machines that fight over the same IP address

I ran into a problem recently where virtual machines I created from a template were fighting over the same IP address. Each of them would be assigned the same IP address from my DHCP server, despite the fact that each VM created from my standard template had a unique Mac address. I had a hard time finding the culprit, so I figured I would write a post about it. In my case, I am using Proxmox, though the root-cause is not specific to any virtualization package. My virtual machines were all running Ubuntu 18.04, though this may impact other distributions too. The root cause ended up being due to something called a “machine-id”. Read on to find out how I solved this.

Getting USB-C and Thunderbolt Docks Working With the Galago Pro (and possibly other Linux laptops)

I’ve spent some time trying to get Thunderbolt and USB-C docks working with my System76 Galago Pro laptop. It took me a while to find information on this, and I figured I would post my findings here just in case anyone else is also searching for a solution. In this article, I’ll mention a few tweaks that are related to making this work.

Happy birthday, GNOME: 8 reasons to love this Linux desktop

GNOME has been my favorite desktop environment for quite some time. While I always make it a point to check out other environments from time to time, there are some aspects of the GNOME desktop that are hard to live without. While there are many great desktop environments out there, GNOME feels like home to me. Here are some of the features I enjoy most about GNOME.

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Moving on from Arch Linux

I get asked from time to time which distribution I’m currently running whenever I make videos. My answer to that question will usually depend on which distribution is my “flavor of the week,” but from now on my answer will most likely not be Arch Linux. I figured I would write this article not to bash Arch Linux or disparage their developers, but rather to talk about my experiences and what has led to this decision.

How I finally got permission to use my own computer

I recently had an article published on Check it out!

“At the time, it was November, and so it was quite cold and rainy in Michigan. My constant shivering made it hard for me to even write down the numbers! On my walk home, I was armed with an activation code that I would use to activate Windows. But I started thinking, “why am I asking for permission to use my computer?” The computer I worked hard to purchase. Why does someone else have the ultimate say in whether or not I am able to use it? It didn’t make sense.”

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