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  1. Naveen Naveen

    You were making good videos on youtube man. Why did you stop?

    • jlacroix jlacroix

      I didn’t. I don’t know if you saw, but one of my recent VLOGs mentioned that I got a book deal and that would be taking the majority of my time from Youtube. I plan to do Youtube videos sporadically starting this month, and then I’ll be free to get back into it more after the book is done (July). Actually, I planned on putting up a VLOG today reminding everyone why I’ve been away and I probably will do that in an hour or two from now.

  2. Hello Jay,wow i am surprise that you answer me that fast.

    sorry but i try to install arch linux not netrunner, after a few attempt i do have it , but because of this bug i have some instability, like the ~xinitrc cant be found because of this keyboard layout problem.
    and because off course the ~ symbol didn’t work.

    next things i will try, is to reinstall with the ISO instead of UTF selection. ???

    oh yeah sorry for my poor English, again thank you for your help and attention, very impress.

    like i mention i think the easy way to resolve this , is to buy an en US keyboard, did HP are compatible with linux ? i can get one in Montréal.

    Have a good day Jay, Denis bye, the new kid in linux town.

    • jlacroix jlacroix

      Linux compatibility depends less on make and more on the chipset and whether or not the kernel of your distribution supports the hardware. You’d be best served by buying a computer from either Zareason or System76. I’m not certain I understand your other concerns, but if it’s what I think it is, make sure you select the proper locale while installing, especially in Arch where you have to do so manually.

  3. hello, your tuto for arch install, very good, easy to follow, thank you.

    i have some problem with the keyboard layout, fr_CA.UTF-8 for a french canadian keyboard.
    when i write the command i see the or the ~ symbol, but then i get an error and when i read the error i did not see these kind of symbol i just write.

    did you have a recommandation for me, i try to set it to en_US.UTF-8 but still the same, i think i will buy a US standard keyboard layout , it’s gone be more easy i think.

    thank you again for your attention, from Denis, keep your good work, have a good day.

    • jlacroix jlacroix

      I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that you could be experiencing a bug with Netrunner, do you experience this issue with other distributions?

  4. Viktor Viktor


    In one of your videos you suggest that when installing Mint there should be a / partition 20-30Gb and a swap partition about the size of the RAM. What do you think of incorporating these two partitions into one and later create a swap FILE??? Would it still allow for sleep/hibernation?

    This post made me think.

    I am a relative nooby to Linux and I am asking for your advice!

    Thanks and all the best


    • jlacroix jlacroix

      To be honest, I have no experience with swap files. 🙁

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