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Mastering Ubuntu Server

I am excited to present the 4th edition of Mastering Ubuntu Server, the book that was originally applauded as “clear, understandable, relevant, relatable, and jam-packed with good old common sense” and a “Must-have book for both the beginner and advanced“.

I’ve worked hard to write a book that I feel is a great way for you to learn how to use Ubuntu Server, all the way from the initial deployment to maintenance, teaching you along the way how to provision your server, deploy applications, manage containers, run virtual machines, and more!

One of the best Linux server books I have read. Very thorough and detailed.“- Amazon review

In this new edition, I’ve updated the content from the original book to be compatible with Ubuntu 22.04, the distribution that is the majority server operating system today – and a wonderful platform on which to build and deploy your applications.

Check it out! Available from both Amazon and Packt!