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Review – System76 Galago Pro

System76 has released their newest Ultrabook, the 2017 Galago Pro! I preordered one as soon as it was available, and have put together a video to show it off. In this video, I review this Ultrabook and show you what to expect if you order one.

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  1. Hey Jay, thanks for the great review, it was very helpful! It looks like my old HP is dying and I am looking at getting a System76 soon. I know you had a Lemur for a long time and loved it, I’ve wanted the Lemur for a long time now, but I am wondering if its better to invest in the Galago instead? Now that you’ve had the Galago for a little longer, do you feel its worth spending the extra on the Galago at all? Does the Galago feel too small? Does the quality overall feel like its worth spending the extra bit? I would appreciate any opinion you could give. Reviews for the Galago have been ehh, but it seems like a lot of people were critical of the wrong things, and I felt your reviews were a little more in the area of what my complaints would have been. The quality looks nice, backlight would be handy for night typing and it would be nice to have high dpi for watching movies and such. I’m just scared to pull the trigger on the more expensive laptop if I’d be just as happy or happier with the Lemur being I am used to 14 inches already. Thanks and have a great day!

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