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B03919_Mastering Linux Network Administration_.jpgMastering Linux Network Administration
Linux is everywhere. Whether you run a home office, a small business, or manage enterprise systems, Linux can empower your network to perform at its very best. Armed with the advanced tools and best practice guidance of this practical guide, you’ll be able to mold Linux networks to your will, empowering your systems and their users to take advantage of all that Linux-based networks have to offer.




8157OS_Linux Mint Essentials.jpgLinux Mint Essentials
This is an all-inclusive guide to Linux Mint, and will teach you everything you need to know in order to use a Linux Mint system. The book starts with the installation process and covers task-oriented topics such as browsing the Internet and installing software as well as shell commands. This guide walks the reader through installing and maintaining Linux Mint on a personal computer using task-oriented examples.




41JWwzRfCdLEscape to Planet 55
Humans live to serve and serve to live. But she was not like most humans. With active emotions and free thought, Eve was ordered destroyed by the Anunnaki. Instead, she escaped into space. Witness the events that occurred before the dawn of civilization, as humankind fights for survival against all odds while trying to find their promised land. Their escape to Planet 55 begins…

Note: This book was previously released under the name “What it Means to be Human: The True Story of Eve.” This book is the rewritten version.



Earlier works:

What it Means to be Human: The True Story of Eve
This is the original version of my Eve story, which was later renamed to “Escape to Planet 55” and rewritten. You may still be able to find this older version, though the newer version is recommended instead.

Ever since he came into contact with a mysterious relic, Darin’s soul starts to transform into that of eternal evil. Join him on a quest for redemption, against insurmountable odds. Meanwhile, those forsaken in the past war will have their revenge, from beyond the grave.

Links to purchase my books:
Mastering Ubuntu Server (Amazon | PACKT | O’Reilly)
Mastering Linux Network Administration (Amazon | PACKT | O’Reilly)
Linux Mint Essentials (Amazon | PACKT | O’Reilly)
Escape to Planet 55 (Smashwords | Kindle | Print)
What it Means to be Human (Smashwords | Kindle | Print)
Oriontide (Smashwords | Kindle | Print)